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The Truth Behind The NES Power Glove Light Suit

Look, if you’re over a certain age and were lucky/unlucky enough to own a Nintendo Power Glove, you quickly found out that the it was manufactured to make your hand sweat, not work, and act pretty much like a regular glove. 

Most households let their broken Power Gloves languish in a dust-infested cupboard somewhere, doomed to one day take up residence in an overcrowded landfill. That is… until this man single-handedly (literally) changed the entire Nintendo Power Glove game! 

Witness here, for the first time in history, the one and only, working NES Power Glove! Marvel as this man turns a rubber glove from a failed video game controller… to a low-rent Daft Punk concert.

But wait! There’s more! It’s only after you finish the video that the revolution really begins! It’s time we as a nation put the power back into the Power Glove and make it work… for the first time in its five-fingered life! 

Video Game Wizard and YouTube Nation Curator, Alex Sargeant

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Learn how to make this sippy cup on tonight’s YouTube Nation at 6PM PST

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YouTube’s Response to Sam Pepper “Prank” is How We All Should Be Addressing Sexual Harassment

(Editor’s Note: This “explanation” from Sam Pepper was published last week and embedded in this blog post. He has since made it unavailable like the rest of the prank videos in this series.)

If you’ve yet to stumble upon YouTube creator Sam Pepper’s content, consider yourself lucky.


A prankster by trade with over two million subscribers on his channel, Pepper has recently come under fire for his latest “social experiment” titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank.” In the prank, Pepper asks women on the street for directions, and as they turn to tell him, he “secretly” pinches their butts. It quickly becomes clear in the video that the women are uncomfortable, with one even backing away and saying, “I don’t like this.” Pepper has since uploaded two more videos, one in which the gender roles are reversed, and the second in which he states the videos were to raise awareness about sexual violence. So his plan was to raise awareness about sexual violence by perpetuating non-consensual acts in his videos? Not a good call Pepper.


This is not the first time he has crossed the line with his pranks. Previously he’s uploaded videos in which he handcuffs himself to women and refuses to let them go until they kiss him and in another, he tries to make out with random strangers on the street. It’s clear that none of these pranks are consensual, and, in response, the YouTube community has come in droves to let Pepper know, this is NOT okay.

After Pepper’s latest experiment went live, sex education activist Laci Green penned a letter, along with other popular creators such as the Vlog Brothers, Tomska, and Meghan Tonjes, asking Pepper to apologize for his indiscretions. They write:


Screenshot 2014-09-25 at 5.48.02 PM.png


The letter has since been cosigned by thousands of fans and inspired numerous women to come forward and share their own experiences of abuse from Pepper. YouTuber This Be Dottie shares in her video that Pepper tried to force her to engage in sexual activities on a date, and after she said no, he ran away and accused her of leading him on. Dottie’s video paved the path for another young lady, who uploaded her video under the channel name I’m Anonymous, to share her story in which Sam Pepper raped her in his bedroom. Shirely J writes being assaulted by Pepper after meeting him at Summer in the City and Buzzfeed reports in an article that Pepper has consistently pressured young fans to send him naked pictures.


This list of allegations again Pepper is appalling and what’s worse, this scandal is one of three sexual abuse scandals to come to light in the YouTube community this year. But the one silver lining in this situation is the YouTube community’s united front against Pepper. This response sends a message to fans that the behavior of pressuring and coercing people to engage in acts they aren’t comfortable with is never okay. In fact, it’s assault, and it’s illegal.


This is how we all should be responding to sexual harassment, by taking it seriously and acting swiftly. Through the letter and continuing the conversation across hundreds of channels, all these YouTube allies have created a safe space for survivors to feel comfortable enough to share their stories with the public. And moving forward, we should work to do the same. We need to instill in people the trait of rudeness, that it’s okay to tell people you’re uncomfortable and not okay with what’s happening. That being assaulted is never the victim’s fault and resources are available for both survivors and people looking to support them through amazing organization like RAINN.


So how can you continue to take a stand against sexual harassment? Green lists numerous ways in her video below, including unsubscribing from channels that perpetuate non-consensual behaviors. But the greatest, easiest thing to do, will be continuing this conversation. Because the more people know about sexual harassment, the more it will not be tolerated by anyone, anywhere.


Carly Lanning is a YouTube Nation curator and one of the thousands of signatures on Laci Green’s open letter.